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About Byron South
Byron was born and raised in Texas and has been an avid outdoorsman and hunter his entire life. Early on he found that he was most interested in being able to call whatever he was hunting, utilizing a variety of sounds, whether he was rattling in a whitetail buck, bugling in a bull elk, or coaxing a tom turkey into shotgun range, but claims his favorite of all is calling predators. Now with over thirty years of experience he has hunted predators in over 30 US states as well as in Canada and Africa.

Byron, like many outdoor people, is a quiet person, and for years only shared his skills and knowledge with close friends and ranchers who enlisted his help in dealing with problem predators. After some coaxing from friends, he decided to start filming some hunts and produce an educational video on calling predators, hence the birth the Coming to the Call series of videos. Each of these DVDs are full of many tips and techniques Byron has learned from over three decades of calling. The popularity and acceptance of these instructional DVDs is evident by the fact that they are now available in practically every major sporting goods store in the country (Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain, Academy, and many others) .

With the release of these DVDs, his willingness to share, and down to earth personality, he has been sought by many outdoor writers for his insight on calling predators. Byron has served on two of the largest internet predator hunting forums, and has given seminars on calling predators in over 20 states. He is also on the Pro Staff of several prominent outdoor related companies such as MOJO Outdoors, Realtree, Haydels Game Calls, LaRue Tactical, EOTech and others. When asked what Coming to the Call is all about Byron replies, Coming to the Call is about sharing with others the passion I have about calling predators, hopefully helping new guys interested in calling, and growing participation in this activity to the benefit of all that enjoy calling predators. If you are interested in calling predators and want to learn more, then you’re at the right place.