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Byron South uses and endorses the following products. Not only are the products first-rate, they are great people to do business with. Enjoy!

Realtree Max-1 from I hunt in many different habitats from coast to coast and from border to border (sometime I even cross the border). My camo pattern needs to be very versatile. Even though Max-1 was designed for out West it does a fantastic job of blending into any environment. It is neither too dark, nor too light.

LightForce Performance Lights: I’ve been using LightForce lights for over a decade. In fact I am still running the original light I purchased. These lights have many qualities that make them superior to anything else out there. They are supper light weight, extremely durable, and 100% dependable. If you are hunting at night then a good light is a must. I promise LightForce products will not let you down. In recent months they have expanded the line of lights they now offer the predator hunter. If you want a definite edge on the predators at night then you should be using LightForce lights.

NightForce Optics is without question the ultimate in precision, optical clarity as well as ruggedness. It is comforting knowing that when you bear down on your rifles to make the shot that you have made no compromise in the optics on your rifle.

Night Vision Depot: It is no secret that predators are more active at night. Obviously being able to see at night would be a definite advantage. Night Vision Depot is the answer as they offer a full line of high quality Night Vision and Thermal devises. Whether you want just a hand held NV monocular or a full blown weapon mounted thermal rifle sight these guys have it all. If you're looking into investing in NV products I highly recommend these guys.

MOJO Outdoors
MOJO Outdoors manufactures motion and motorized decoys for hunting and birding, including a motorized mallard duck, deer, dove, crow, hawk, goose, teal, and turkey decoy. My favorite however is their line of predator decoys. I especially like and use the MOJO Critter and MOJO Woodpecker. These decoys are light, easily packed in a pocket, and very quiet. Recognized as the makers of the most complete line of motion decoys in the world, MOJO Outdoors™ has built its reputation on offering the toughest, highest quality motorized decoys on the market. MOJO Outdoors™ makes decoys come alive!

Haydels Game Calls
I used Haydels game calls for many years before I became friends with the Haydel family. Over the years Ive seen their commitment to the business of producing quality calls at affordable prices. Rod Haydel and I hunt together quite a bit and I can say that his passion for calling predators along with his innovative spirit and dedication to producing the best production hand calls is unmatched in the industry. The Haydels dont rely on gimmicks and slick advertising to sell their products but on the assurance that when you by a Haydel call youre buying a call designed and used by true hunters.

Carlsons Choke Tubes
These are the choke tubes I rely on to wring the best patterns out of my predator shotguns. They make choke tubes designed specifically for the High Density loads we predator hunters like to shoot. If youre looking for a quality choke tube, you can do no better than a Carlson choke tube.

I was first introduced to the RutWear line of hunting clothing at the SHOT show a few years ago. I was instantly impressed with the thought and innovation put into their line. Every aspect of these garments is designed with not only comfort in mind but the intended purpose in which the garment will be used. The RutWear line of outdoor garments features unique pocket design and placement, magnetic closers, high tech materials, and of particular interest, call lanyards placed in the chest pockets. These are not only comfortable, well built garments but also very well thought out to help you store your hunting gear and calls. These features cancel out the need for an additional pack making a day afield more enjoyable.

EOTech sights were designed for fast target accusation, ruggedness, and of course accurate shot placement. They use a holographic reticle to help you acquire the target and precisely place your shot. These are very effective sights that are often overlooked by hunters. Please visit their website for more information on these useful sights.

Camo Wraps
Camo Wraps make a vinyl material for covering, camouflaging and protecting many items. I, in fact have my entire truck covered in this material. It is very durable and has thus far withstood three very harsh years of severe abuse and still looks good. My truck has never been in a garage since I covered it in Camowrap. Im confident this material has helped me maintain a higher resale value by protecting the paint and at the same time helped me conceal my truck while hunting. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

LaRue Tactical
I’ve been using Larue Mounts on all of my ARs for many years. There is no question that these are the best mounts available. When LaRue started producing Rifles there was no doubt that these would be the ultimate in quality as well. I'm now shooting two LaRue rifles, the \"PredatAR\" in 5.56 as well as the 7.62. Both my rifles have the 18-inch barrels. These rifles are utterly dependable, extremely accurate, and very light and handy which make them a joy to carry, shoot, and hunt with. If you are looking for the best of the best then LaRue is it, PERIOD!!!

Marathon Seat Covers
When I first covered my truck with the camo wraps product my intentions were to protect the exterior of my truck with a product that was both durable as well as attractive. I quickly realized that the interior would also need something to protect it as well. My search ended when I found Marathon Seat Covers. These seat covers are made of durable, water proof cordura in the same camo pattern on my truck (Advantage Max-1 HD). After three years of heavy abuse they are still as good as new. Great product.

Peters - Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
(Longview, Texas) - Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
Having known Randy Peters for many years I can vouch for not only him, but the whole Peters staff. There are reasons Peters is one of the fastest growing franchises in East Texas. Their Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep sales department has the largest inventory in East Texas. They take great care of their customers with not only sales but excellent service after the sale.
Peters professional sales staff is available to help you find just the right car or truck to fit your needs. If you are in the Longview, Tyler area, or even Shreveport and looking for a Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep, they have plenty to choose from. So, go ahead…Pick up the phone and give them a call. 1-877-615-317 or check them out on at