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Coming To The Call - What Our Viewers Have to Say:

"Just received and watched the DVD version of "Coming To The Call". Many of us enjoy hunting videos with plenty of on-screen kill shots and this one does not disappoint in that regard.
I was also impressed with the overall feel of the production. It was candid without being amateurish and professional without seeming slick, staged or over-edited. Shooters muffed what appeared to be some easy shots and hit some incredibly difficult ones.
I did not fee I was being talked down to by some scripted, blow-dried, manicured, self-ordained TV personality expert wearing the latest custom-tailored fashon from Real Oak or Mossy Tree. By the same token, I did not get the impression that the narrator had failed to make it past the seventh grade.
I was also not beaten to death with product endorsements and I did not have to endure a 15-minute justification on the ethics of, or justification for varmint hunting (which the antis aren not going to buy anyway). Mr. South comes across as a genuine hunter who has learned much from experience and is willing to share some of his hard-earned knowledge. It woudl require months or years on my own to learn some of the things he pointed out."
From a standpoint of entertainment and education, I got my moneys worth."
--J.B. Long from TN
"Byron, I received the DVD Saturday. It was great - I loved all the kill scenes followed by the slow motion re-runs. Up close and personal. AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!! Keep em comin!"
--R. Mann from AZ
"Hey Byron, just wanted to say I received your video and enjoyed it very much. Looks like you fellers had a real hoot making that film. I also was very pleased to see the FOXPRO in your video. I have the same one you were using, and like mine also. Thanks for adding the clip with your daughter; I have 5 girls, and hope that at least one of them will want to predator hunt some day. They will probably react with a little more fear if one runs up within spitting range.
If you could have put the ole Clint Eastwood spit between the eyes of that coyote that would have been classic.
Best of luck and thanks again."
--G.L. Rapp
"Excellent Quality video! Many kills, good technique explanations, good equipment, and ammo selection coverage. Also has some decent night hunting techniques and footage. No BS - just good instruction. Mostly coyotes but it also has some good bobcat footage and instruction too.
If you have ever thought about coyote hunting, trust me - this is an excellent video."
--Brian in Oregon
"I just got "Coming To The Call and would recommend it to anyone. I got a lot more info from it than any other videos I have watched. I hope Byron comes out with another one soon."
--J. Owens
"This video is FANTASTIC!!! If you like "in your face" predator calling , this video is for you. This has got to be one of the clearest videos I have ever seen. Byron offers some great "how to" sections as well. These guys can shoot, too! Many coyotes are taken "on the run".
Also has some great night hunting footage and tips as well. This is coyote hunting at its best. Check it out!"
--R. Black from Utah
"Dont want to blow your skirt up, but that was the best informative/instructional video I have seen on calling critters. I like the way you pointed ou the subtle things like when he winded you, you saw the nose go up and gears change immediately. There was an article out recently about watching the body language of the predator as he is coming in - your rape just re-inforced that."
--S. Pruit from VA